Things you need to know about leather

  • Every hide used is unique. No one hide is exactly like another.
  • Leather hides come with its own distinctive markings and characteristics. This is a sign of a natural authentic product.
  • Tick bites, healed scars and growth lines are part of a beautiful leather hide.
  • Over time, the grain of the leather will develop its own patina and the leather will soften and possibly change colour.

Care instructions for your leather handbag

  • Take care of your leather handbag by wiping it clean with a soft dry cloth
  • Condition it regularly with an approved hide food which will extend the life of your leather handbag
  • Anything, including liquid can stain leather if not wiped away immediately. Use a soft cloth to blot away the excess and allow to dry
  • Do not use any soaps or untested chemical cleansers to clean your handbag
  • Leather is not heat resistant and excessive sunlight exposure can dull the colour as well as dry it out.
  • Store your handbag in a cool dry place in a soft cloth bag away from direct sunlight.
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