FSP first began designing leather and gameskin products in 1998 and – as with most things imbued with originality and authenticity – we soon found an audience hungry for expert craftsmanship and creative design. Today, FSP’s signature ethnic exoticism can be found in 10 countries worldwide, proving that Africa has global appeal for a world starved of the new. FSP has evolved into being a solely owned company run by Fiona and her team in a small factory in Woodstock. The company employs 30 artisans and several support staff and now offers an internal design and manufacturing facility


FSP focuses on sourcing exquisite leathers and exotic skins, which through innovative design and quality workmanship has placed them in a leading role supplying exotic luxury handbags to a global market. The FSP brand is built around the ethos of conservation and environmental awareness. All our raw materials are obtained through Government approved herd reduction programs, or are a natural by-product of the meat industry. Our suppliers and tanneries are carefully screened. We source only skins and hides with the least amount of natural defects to ensure our manufactured products are the highest quality. We are dedicated to job creation and care for our staff greatly – by choosing our original African designs you are fully supporting this needy cause.



Fiona created her first Collection of designer handbags in 1998. She outsourced the manufacture of these handbags to a third party and hoped for success in this competitive industry. However, It was only when she began creating products using African indigenous animal skins that she found her niche. Fiona created a Springbok Postman-bag, which is only made up of 10 components. This bag has become a staple that is still her best seller....

"FSP postman - still best seller"
"FSP postman - still best seller"
Fiona Cuyler Borthwick

“The secret to successful manufacturing in South Africa is to make something unique in the world as best as you can using as few components as possible. The simple postman handbag has amazed me as we have made it continuously for the past 20 years, and it is still my best seller.”

Together with my skilled team we are constantly refining our quality and design and offer leather products of understated allure.”

Adorn yourself in the pride and beauty of Africa.

Fiona Cuyler Borthwick



Founded in 1998, FSP has more than 20 years’ experience in Springbok hair-on design.The versatile Springbok skin has been engineered into much desired fashion springbok handbags, gorgeous springbok pillows and other homeware items that add a touch of ethnic glamour to any living room. Our inspiration comes from our appreciation of nature and our incredibly diverse “rainbow nation”. The FSP Springbok Postman style was the first innovative design that we launched. The colouring of the Springbok skin is mostly a light tan with a ‘mohawk” white pronk and choc stripes on the belly area. This makes for an incredibly beautiful Springbok handbag especially if the “mohawk” is accentuated. The first FSP Springbok export order was sent to the Netherlands. This started our journey of exporting our Springbok handbags to several countries overseas.

Part of our selection process includes the hand sorting of each Springbok skin. We always seek to select the finest Springbok skins with the least amount of defects for our Springbok Collections within both our apparel and homeware. We work only with verified Springbok skin suppliers. The Springbok skins used in the manufacturing process are obtained through government approved herd reduction programs. Springbok are medium-sized antelope that live in south and south-western Africa and inhabit dry inland areas including grasslands, shrub lands and deserts. They are prevalent in game parks and commonly are raised on game farms in the Eastern Cape and Namibia. Springbok meat is highly prized and a sort after export item. The springbok skins we use are therefore a bi product and would normally have been tanned for industrial glove leather as it is so fine and thin. By purchasing a Springbok product manufactured in our factory you can become part of our world by ensuring the development and survival of our beautiful Springbok.

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