Spring 2017/18



It started with a trip to Sri Lanka earlier this year when I witnessed the lotus flowers being used as offerings in the Buddhist temples soon to be enjoyed by the mischievous monkeys who hang about.

mischievous monkey with lotus flower

murky pond with lotus flowers

Once we got to the cooler areas we found large murky ponds full of these exquisite flowers. I later learnt that in Buddhism the lotus is known to be associated with purity, spiritual awakening and faithfulness.

It then became evident, followed by our trip to London, that pink is the colour trending for this season. Pink has been consistently cool, from Fuchsia to Blush - and there is nothing that can showcase a trend like a handbag.

Roxy dyed Springbok Shoulder bag
Roxy dyed Springbok Shoulder bag

We have designed a great collection in pretty shades of pink, soft grey and taupe. For the more funky - the collection includes the new Roxy dyed Springbok shoulder bag, as well as an updated Postman with its trendy braided strap. Precise pattern making together with carefully selected locally produced leathers makes each style unique and a beautiful handmade acquisition for your summer wardrobe.

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