Love Local Collection

Love Local Collection

The Getaway Collection

Lynne Shopper | New smooth Sonata Walnut Leather 

(H:38CM X W:27,5CM X D:14CM)

A classic and timeless collection of travel accessories for a lifetime of wanderlust. This Collection is hand-crafted out of high quality smooth full grain milled bovine leather with a antiqued finish in rich shades of Sonata Walnut.

Classic Leather Collection

Black Night Sky Sally Shopper with nickel fittings and saddle stitch detail.

Raw Edge Collection

We are sensing a collective longing for a relaxed style and fashion is always an expression of the spirit of the times. There is a movement towards pragmatism, comfort and restraint. With this in mind we have created a Collection of simple unlined silhouettes in our sublime suede-like leathers leaving the edges raw to give them an edgy appeal. Nothing fussy but oh so stylish!

Please note that these styles are all unlined, an added leather pocket is included on the inside.

Men’s Collection

Classic Springbok Handbags

Cassey Springbok | Braided Technique 


Natural Springbok with Go Natural Leather


Founded in 1998, FSP has 20 years of experience in Springbok hair-on design.The versatile Springbok skin (hide) has been engineered into much desired fashion springbok handbags, gorgeous springbok pillows and other homeware items that add a touch of ethnic glamour to any living room. Our inspiration comes from our appreciation of nature and our incredibly diverse “rainbow nation”. The FSP Springbok Postman style was the first innovative design that we launched. The colouring of the Springbok skin is mostly a light tan with a ‘mohawk” white pronk and choc stripes on the belly area. This makes for an incredibly beautiful Springbok handbag especially if the “mohawk” is accentuated. The first FSP Springbok export order was sent to the Netherlands. This started our journey of exporting our Springbok handbags to several countries overseas.

Part of our selection process includes the hand sorting of each Springbok skin. We always seek to select the finest Springbok skins (hides) with the least amount of defects for our Springbok Collections within both our apparel and homeware. We work only with verified Springbok skin suppliers. The Springbok skins used in the manufacturing process are obtained through government approved herd reduction programs. Springbok are medium-sized antelope that live in south and south-western Africa and inhabit dry inland areas including grasslands, shrub lands and deserts. They are prevalent in game parks and commonly are raised on game farms in the Eastern Cape and Namibia. Springbok meat is highly prized and a sort after export item. The springbok skins we use are therefore a bi product and would normally have been tanned for industrial glove leather as it is so fine and thin. By purchasing a Springbok product manufactured in our factory you can become part of our world by ensuring the development and survival of our beautiful Springbok.

Zebra Handbags

Zebra Natalie Handbag

Did you know we manufacture our Zebra handbags from genuine Burchell's Zebra skins. These skins are legally sourced and carefully selected for quality and grading. These animals are not endangered in anyway and thrive in many game farms in South Africa.

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